Courageously innovative. Classically American.

Every custom crate created by the Great American Crate Company is not just a product, but a promise: They are a commitment to innovative, sustainable products, unmatched expertise and experience, and customer-focused communication.

Great American Crate Company’s custom crates are durable, reusable, high quality, and cost efficient. And we do it all with a turnaround time that can’t be beat.

It’s not just our crates that will impress you. Our team is defined by its expertise, integrity, and trustworthiness. We understand your business, and we do what’s right. It’s a powerful combination our clients can rely on, now and always.

At the Great American Crate Company, crates are our passion. We can’t wait to share that passion with your business.

Benefits - Great American Crate




At Great American Crate Company, we realize that your products are unique, and they deserve protection that is specifically suited to fit their unique shapes, dimensions, and needs. Each one of our crates is custom crafted, and will be designed with your product in mind.


Not only are our crates custom made, they are tough. Great American Crate Company crates are built to last, and the proof is in the product. Our crates are reusable up to 6 times–almost twice that of the competition. In addition, our show cases are superior in strength and durability to those of other crates. Your product is important to you, so protecting your product is important to us. You can be confident in our promise of the strongest, toughest, and most reliable crates available.


At Great American Crate Company, we know that when it comes to shipping your product, space is money. Each of our crates is designed with that in mind. Every crate is designed to be collapsible and compactly folded, requiring minimal space in your warehouse or transportation vehicle. Strong when in use and small when not, Great American Crate truly understands your crating needs, and accommodates those needs in every way possible.


We believe a budget is a commitment, and we always honor our word. When we set a budget, we make sure to follow through, so there are no surprises when it comes to pricing. Also, you can rest easy knowing that every dollar you spend with Great American Crate Company is spent on American made goods and services. We create high quality, beautiful custom crates for you and your business, and we create American jobs in the process.


We at Great American Crate Company understand that deadlines are one of the most important components of your business, and we respect that. Our crates are routinely delivered on time, often before projected deadlines, and we boast industry leading turnaround times. Even in tackling tougher orders, we rise to the challenge, often shipping within 1-2 business days. Whether you are planning ahead and need crates by a certain date, or you have an emergency and need crates immediately, Great American Crate Company is the right crating solution for your business. We are committed to getting your quality product to you when you need it.

Every company we partner with is unique, so it just makes sense for our crates to be unique too. Our custom crates are specifically designed to decrease cost of freight and labor, and increase product safety and profit.

The only thing that’s the same about all our crates? The exemplary level of quality and care put into the craftsmanship of every single one.

When decades of custom design experience combine with cost-saving features and industry-leading turnaround times, the result is a product that really delivers.

Features of our shipping crates include:

  • Custom designs that improve product safety and reduce shipping costs
  • Protective foam inserts in several densities and material options
  • Reusable designs for increased crate lifespan
  • Plastic vapor barrier liner to guard against moisture damage during transoceanic shipments

When beauty and functionality must cooperate, Great American Crate Company provides durable display crates that protect your prized showroom presentation and your budget and timetable.

Great American Crate Company

Custom built wooden crates

Quality Craftsmanship

Each day, our workman get up and create a superior product. For us, building crates is a passion, and quality comes first.

American Made Crates


We make sure that we know what your deadlines are so we can deliver what you need on time, and you can ship your products on time. We want you to be successful every single time.

Great American Crate Company

"Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get."
- Nelson Boswell

Exceeding customer expectations is a trademark of Great American Crate. Great partnerships create great products, and every day, our team dedicates themselves to providing the best customer service in the industry.

Reusable, sturdy wooden crates

Space Matters

No matter what you are shipping, it's important to get the best use of space for your product. We think through each crate and how to use the space efficiently, and that creates a bottom line you can be proud of.

Custom crates hand crafted in the USA

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
- General George Patton

Dedication to continuous improvement is one of our trademarks. We don't just build strong crates. We build smart crates.

Innovative custom crates, quick turnaround time

Hard Work

Real people working really hard. That's how we make the best crates on the planet.

Custom specialty shipping crates

Cutting Edge

We design, re-design, and then design yet again. No one takes more time creating the perfect crate for your products than we do. When your product goes out in our crates, you know that you have been given the best solution possible, and that we are constantly working on even better solutions for you.

handcrafted specialty shipping crates

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it."
- Andrew Carnegie

At Great American Crate, we are proud of our team. It takes every member to get the job done right, and we only hire the best to get your projects done on time and on budget.

specialty, shipping and showroom crates

Supply and Demand

We are equipped to handle volume while never sacrificing quality. So whether you need one crate or 10,000, you can rest easy knowing that we've got it handled.

Great American Crate

American Made

American lumber. American hardware. American workers. That's how we do things here, now and always.

Handmade specialty wooden crates


No one makes a stronger crate. Period. You crate your products because you want to keep them safe, and we build crates to meet that need. Go ahead and put us to the test. We don't mind at all.

custom reusable wooden crates

Built To Last

Our crates far exceed the normal usage that other crates provide. When you buy Great American, you are buying a product that goes the extra mile with you.